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Backup in Cloud

Thanks to the Backup in Cloud service you can safeguard your company data and access it at any time.
In addition to the standard Backup Management service, Sedoc Digital Group is able to offer the possibility to save business data in Cloud.


Saving in the Cloud allows you to always have both company data and saves of virtualized servers at your disposal. Our Cloud Backup solution is suitable for all customers, regardless of company size and backup software used. Unlike ordinary backup management, thanks to our infrastructure you can access your data at any time.


Backup in Cloud


Backup in Cloud: Service Description


Backup in Cloud service allows Customers to make a copy of data and virtual machines at the SDG Cloud infrastructure, located in a Tier IV data center. The successful completion of data storage processes is constantly monitored by SDG specialists and guarantees the Customer a first level of Disaster Recovery.


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Market Leader Solution: the Commvault software, leader of the Gartner magic quadrant, is used to provide the service.


Scalability: the amount of protected data can be changed.


Alternative to Tape Backup, First Step Towards Disaster Recovery: data and virtual machines are saved locally and then replicated in Cloud.


Optimal use of the band: thanks to the features of Commvault, compression and deduplication, we are able to make the best use of the internet band available.


Retention: data and virtual machines can be stored for one, two or four weeks, depending on the customer’s choice.


Service availability


Backup in Cloud service is active 24/7, and the operators are available to customers from 8:30 am until 6:30 pm on a continuous basis, from Monday to Friday, excluding public holidays.



To safeguard the data of your company, choose Sedoc Digital Group Cloud Backup in Cloud service.


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