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Backup in Cloud

In addition to usual local storage techniques, Sedoc Digital Group is able to provide clients with the possibility to save company data in Clouds, using a dedicated infrastructure at the Aruba Data Center.

Cloud server storage is a way of making company data available at all times, saving to virtualised servers, and being able to access these systems at any time. The Backup in Cloud solution developed by Sedoc Digital Group is suitable for all clients, whatever the size of the business and independently of the backup software used by the client.

The Backup in Cloud Service allows Clients to copy data and virtual machines on an SDG cloud drive infrastructure located in a Tier IV DataCenter. The success of data archiving processes is constantly monitored by SDG specialists and guarantees clients first level Disaster Recovery.


Compatibility: the Solution is integrated with the most common backup software

Scalability: the quantity of protected data can be varied

Optimal band exploitation: using compression and deduplication algorithms, the Solution is able to use the available internet bandwidth in the best possible way

Rapid data recovery: the data replicated in clouds is also available locally for fast recovery when needed

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