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IaaS: Infrastructure as a Service

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IaaS: Infrastructure as a Service

The IaaS model helps you avoid the complexity and costs of purchasing and managing physical servers and other Data Center infrastructure.

It is the ideal solution for start-ups and SMEs: it allows to test new ideas by eliminating the need to invest in hardware.




IaaS: Service Description


The IaaS service, Infrastructure as a Service, involves the creation of a Private Cloud where computational resources dedicated to the Customer are made available, in a shared environment at a Data Center equipped with “Rating IV” certification. The Service, based on VMware hypervisors, involves the construction of a highly reliable cloud infrastructure, fully managed by SDG specialists.


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High reliability: the systems are based on machines with high availability and capacity network connectivity and aggregated to form redundant clusters.


Scalability: the Private Cloud environment can be scaled vertically with no limitations.


Guaranteed resources: the HW resources supplied have no risk of overbooking and are physically guaranteed.


Maximum performance: the CPUs are based on latest generation processors, the storage is profilable with “SDD tiering” or “full FLASH” and the Internet connectivity has no “pay as you go” tariff.


Service availability


The IaaS Service is available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Operators are available to customers from 8:30 am until 6:30 pm on a continuous basis, from Monday to Friday, excluding public holidays.



Free your team from the worry of managing IT infrastructure.
Ensure the security of your data at a higher level than you could get internally.
Choose the IaaS service from Sedoc Digital Group.



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