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Business Continuity

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Business Continuity

Business Continuity: one of the most powerful organizational tools for improving business processes and gaining efficiency.

In the age of digitization, companies are increasingly tied to a dematerialized information patrimony and entrusted to supports subjected to damage and/or attacks. For this reason, there is a need to put Business Applications and Systems in Business Continuity.


Business Continuity


Business Continuity can be summarized as a series of procedures and changes to the Customer’s IT architecture designed to allow the provision of data and/or services even in the event of failures that would otherwise block.


Business Continuity: Service Description


Whether in virtual or physical environments, Sedoc Digital Group is able to guide the Customer towards the most suitable solution to increase the Business Continuity of the services provided; in fact, our specialists have gained significant experience in the integration of market-leading solutions in Windows Linux, VMware and AS/400 environments.


The proposed solution, thanks to a precise analysis of the cost/benefit ratio, will allow to achieve the objectives set by the Customer in terms of resilience in the most efficient way from the operational point of view and convenient from an economic point of view.


Business Continuity in Cloud

In addition to increasing the resilience of its IT infrastructure on-premise, companies can evaluate the implementation of Business Continuity and load balancing solutions, using the processing capabilities of a Cloud Provider.


Sedoc Digital Group can boast considerable results even in this sector, such as the high reliability of AS/400 systems using Cloud-based solutions or the creation of web applications through Windows Azure, which can grow, in terms of performance, on the basis of the operational load requirements.


Improve business processes and gain efficiency with Sedoc Digital Group’s Business Continuity solution!



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