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Disaster Recovery

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Disaster Recovery

Increasing the level of reliability of systems and applications, ie Business Continuity, is often not enough for companies.

Disaster Recovery is the strategy that has the objective of safeguarding specific functions of the organization and is part of a Business Continuity plan.


Disaster Recovery


Companies want to face the unavailability, even temporary, of their Data Center, ensuring the recovery of services in certain times.

Sedoc Digital Group has significant experience in creating Disaster Recovery Solutions, both on campus and in geographic environments.


Disaster Recovery: Service Description


To achieve the objectives set by the Customer, SDG uses market-leading technologies in the respective sectors and intervenes on the IT infrastructure at the application levels, operating system, hypervisor and storage (or combinations of them).

Thanks to its consultative approach, Sedoc Digital Group is able to offer the solution with the best price/performance/functionality ratio.


Disaster Recovery in Cloud

If the Customer’s request is confined to fully virtualized IT environments, Sedoc Digital Group is able to provide Disaster Recovery Solutions in aaS (as a service) mode. You can benefit of advanced features and fully scalable based on the actual needs of the customer, without prior commitments of capital (no CAPEX).


Ensure the efficiency of your data center with the Sedoc Digital Group Disaster Recovery Solution!



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