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Virtualization is a Software technology that offers multiple benefits to both IT professionals and users. It allows to save time and money by exploiting and optimizing the available hardware.




Virtualization – Workstations

For medium and large companies, the need for continuous updating and management of workstations can become an important commitment.

To overcome this problem, Sedoc Digital Group is able to guide the Customer in the creation of efficient VDI infrastructures.


What is it?

VDI (Virtual Desktop Infrastructure) technology helps automate the process of building new workstations. It gives the possibility to make workstations independent from the device (PC, Smartphone or Tablet) used.



Simplifying the distribution of updates (patches) and improving the security of access to data. Access can be done remotely, but the data remains secure in the company. For the construction of the VDI infrastructure, Sedoc Digital Group relies on solution VMware.



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Sedoc Digital Group deals with Virtualization Server and simultaneous consolidation of systems since 2007. Thanks to the collaboration with the main players in the market, VMware (vSphere) and Microsoft (Hyper-V), SDG is able to help its Customers in proceeding with the Virtualization of their Data Center.


The Virtualization of the Data Center is today an indispensable solution for companies of all sizes: it offers many advantages in terms of security and availability of data.

All companies can find in Sedoc Digital Group an excellent Partner, to be entrusted with projects related to the consolidation of infrastructure even physical servers or related to the technological renewal of the already virtualized infrastructure.




Virtualization applied to the Storage world is a technology that comes into play when the Customer needs to consolidate, harmonize and unify the storage in exercise.

Thanks to Storage Virtualization it is possible to:


manage devices from different manufacturers through a single access point,

present a unified view of the available space to their systems,

add advanced features not present on the original devices.


Depending on the particular situation in which the Customer is located, Sedoc Digital Group is able to direct the Customer towards the most appropriate technology.



Future is Virtual.
Choose Sedoc Digital Group as the ideal partner for the Virtualization process.



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