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To better understand the usefulness of an AntiSPAM service, it is best to start with the definition of SPAM.
SPAM is not simply the reception of unsolicited emails. It is a real threat that afflicts the Internet. Receiving SPAM messages can lead to a loss of personal productivity, as well as to the deprivation of security and system integrity.

According to a recent study, IT risks are in second place among the most feared by Italian companies (Allianz Risk Barometer).


Servizio AntiSPAM


For these reasons Sedoc Digital Group has created a Software as a Service Solution (Saas) AntiSPAM based on the Libra ESVA program. Libra ESVA is an Italian company leader in the development and supply of advanced email security solutions. Choosing one of the best solutions worldwide, Sedoc Digital Group has realized its service at two Datacenters, both of Rating IV.


AntiSPAM: Service Description

Thanks to Sedoc Digital Group AntiSPAM Service, Customers can access the mailbox in complete security.



Cluster Active-Active: the Solution provides for the use of two Libra ESVA peers, in Cluster Active-Active mode where each node is located in a data center Rating IV.


Among the world leading Solutions , according to the bulletin virus tests (VBSpam).


Malware Detection: gThanks to the use of ClamAV (Cisco) and advanced sandboxing solution, the Solution is able to effectively detect the main malware in circulation, including Ransomware.




We are increasingly receiving e-mail messages which, despite having a harmless or even authoritative appearance, are in reality a vehicle for potentially destructive viruses or fraud against the user. Therefore, to avoid having to interrupt the company’s activity, it is necessary to protect your e-mail thanks to an AntiSPAM solution.


To protect your computer system, choose a reliable service such as Libra ESVA, with the support of a Managed Service Provider certified as Sedoc Digital Group.


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