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Asset Management

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Asset Management

Asset Management is a crucial point for the company. Poor management of the Hardware and Software configurations exposes companies to technical, legal and, last but not least, economic risks.

Automation becomes crucial to get a greater control of Assets and above all to optimize existing investments. IT managers increasingly feel the need to manage the infrastructure through more in-depth controls, greater process visibility and more transparent cost management.


Asset Management


For this reason, Sedoc Digital Group has created a Advanced Asset Management service. Our Solution is not limited to giving IT managers better visibility of their systems, but is able to provide them with a complete Remote Management Module (RMM) program, based on a solid Cloud infrastructure, to enable them to more easily distribute the Software, monitor the managed resources and improve the level of assistance provided to its users.



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Asset Management: Service Description

The Asset Management service provides for the provision of:

a Remote Management Module (RMM) program;


a Web Console in which to perform the following activities:

– Reports for HW and SW inventory of managed endpoints;

– Analysis of the use of HW resources of managed endpoints;

– Remote control of managed endpoints;

– Software distribution to managed endpoints;

– Distribution of updates (Patch) issued by Microsoft;

Support on using the RMM program management Web Console;


Insertion or cancellation, on behalf of the Customer, of the software distribution packages made by the Customer;


Help Center service, complete with verification and taking charge of requests for assistance or support and resolution or execution of the request (incident).


Service Availability

Operators are available to customers from 8.30am to 6.30pm continuously, from Monday to Friday, excluding public holidays.



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