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Web Security

Internet browsing presents more and more threats to Web Security.

The number of websites that are compromised with the intrusion of malicious code is constantly growing. Viruses, malware and ransomware of all kinds are able to compromise the integrity of a system and often the whole company is affected.

For this reason, companies should have a Web Security solution that can protect the information system from threats on the Internet.


Web Security


Web Security: Service Description

Thanks to the Sedoc Digital Group Web Security service, customers can access the Internet in complete security.


How? Thanks to Cisco Umbrella, our Web Security Solution, it will be possible to analyze all the traffic going to the Internet. In the event that a DNS or IP domain is dangerous, Cisco Umbrella blocks its access.


Some data on Cisco Umbrella:

  It handles about 4% of global DNS traffic.


 It takes less than half an hour to identify a new DNS domain or a new IP address on the Internet.


  It takes less than four hours to classify the new DNS domain or the new IP address identified.


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In addition to blocking dangerous content and sites, Cisco Umbrella offers an effective URL Filtering service. With over 62 categories, Cisco Umbrella is able to block all access to unwanted websites in real time. Customers can also independently modify their White and Black List or, alternatively, delegate these changes to our technical staff.


Being a Cloud solution, Cisco Umbrella is even able to integrate with Active Directory and protect workstations, both inside and outside the company.


Activating the Web Security service is easy and immediate, in just a few hours it is already operational.


Cisco Umbrella


Service availability

Operators are available to customers from 8.30am to 6.30pm continuously, from Monday to Friday, excluding public holidays. If necessary, these times can be extended up to a coverage 24/7.


Web Security: Report

Thanks to our Web Security service and to Cisco Umbrella, the Customer has several reports on Internet use by their users and on blocked sites because they are considered dangerous, all easily accessible via web.


The reports show:


the most visited websites in the company,

 the average duration of an Internet browsing,

which are the time slots in which you access the Internet more,

which websites are classified as dangerous (Malware, Ransomware, Phishing …).


To protect your computer system, choose a reliable service such as Cisco Umbrella, with the support of a Managed Service Provider certified as Sedoc Digital Group.


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