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Backup Management

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Backup Management

Backup Management has two main purposes. To safeguard company data, preventing the loss of important information for your business, and to recover any data lost at any time.

Data are at the heart of an IT infrastructure: safeguarding them through backups is one of the essential objectives for each company. Nowadays, however, the complexity of Data Centers can make managing data storage and recovery processes an extremely challenging task for IT staff.

This is why Sedoc Digital Group has created a Backup Management service that can help IT personnel manage the backup solution.


Gestione Backup


Backup Management: Service Description

Backup Management has been designed to provide Customers with complete management of the data backup infrastructure and virtual and physical machines. It gives the possibility to monitor, control and manage the entire data saving process, as well as to perform any requests for restoration.

Customers can contact the highly qualified staff of Sedoc Digital Group for any need concerning all their virtual machine and data storage and recovery processes.


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Service availability

Operators are available to customers from 8.30am to 6.30pm continuously, from Monday to Friday, excluding public holidays. If necessary, these times can be extended up to a coverage 24/7.


Used Tools

Sedoc Digital Group does not limit itself to providing the Backup Management service. To guarantee a complete and always avant-garde management, we provide the client with the program Commvault.


Backup Management: Report

At the end of each operative intervention, the Client is provided with a complete report of every information regarding the intervention performed. This report contains information such as number, first name and last name of the user who opened the call, description of the problem, and many others.


Safeguard the data of your Company with the Sedoc Digital Group Backup Management service.


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