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Data Center Infrastructure Management

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Data Center Infrastructure Management

The Data Center Infrastructure Management service allows Custemers to outsource the control and analysis of their systems.

Sedoc Digital Group is responsible for monitoring and analyzing physical or virtual servers, NAS, SAN, Switches, Routers, Firewalls, applications, services and domains, in order to:


identify any malfunction which could damage the infrastructure,

verify the evolution of the workloads of each system,

understand and help Customers to allow their IT infrastructure to grow.


Sedoc Digital Group can operate to solve problems reported by the monitoring system in a proactive way, remotely or locally.


DCIM - Gestione Data Center


Data Center Management: Service Description

Critical system events can be recognized to identify potential problems before they become harmful and/or irreversible. Furthermore, to ensure the health of the IT infrastructure, immediate alarms can be received that materially impact on the company’s Business Continuity.


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Data Center Management includes three types of contract:


 Basic Monitoring 

 PRO Monitoring 

 FSS Monitoring 


All three types of contract provide control of the proper operation of physical servers (Dell, HPE and Lenovo) or virtual servers, network printers, disk drives (NAS and SAN) and other network devices (switches, routers, firewalls, Fiber Channel switches…).


Data Center Management Basic Monitoring: provides Data Center Management without any proactive intervention -neither remotely nor locally.


Data Center Management PRO Monitoring (Proactive): in addition to Basic Monitoring, it provides a remote proactive intervention. If a system malfunction or a potentially dangerous situation is detected, SDG specialists intervene remotely to resolve the problem.


Data Center Management FSS Monitoring (Full System Service): in addition to Basic Monitoring, it provides a proactive intervention on the spot. If a system malfunction or a potentially dangerous situation is detected, SDG specialists intervene on-site to resolve the problem.


Data Center Management Basic Monitoring, PRO Monitoring and FSS Monitoring can be combined with the services:


Service Desk,

Endpoint Security,

 Print Management,

IT System Management,

Log Management.


Service availability

Operators are available to customers from 8.30am to 6.30pm continuously, from Monday to Friday, excluding public holidays. If necessary, these times can be extended up to a coverage 24/7.


Data Center Management: Used Tools

To monitor Data Centers, network devices and printers, processes, services and daemons, the Nagios XI program is used in conjunction with the Autotask Endpoint Management solution.

Nagios XI is among the most powerful monitoring solutions on the market. It is designed to be scalable and flexible, and was created with the aim of simplifying the monitoring activities of IT infrastructures and data centers.


Data Center Management: Report

At the end of each operative intervention, a Data Center intervention report will be provided to the Customer with the following information:


Number of the call made;

Name and surname of the person who opened the call (user);

Description of the problem;

Intervention Description Performed;

Date and time of call opening;

Date and time when the call was closed.



Identify potential problems before they become harmful and / or irreversible.
Choose the Sedoc Digital Group Data Center Management service.


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