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IT System Management

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IT System Management

The IT System Management Service provides to drive, control and grow the Customer’s IT infrastructure.


IT System Management


IT System Management: Service Description

With the IT System Management, Sedoc Digital Group provides its Clients with a high profile consultant able to guide them in the strategic choices in the IT area. This figure can be assisted by a specialist technician (IT System Manager) for the following activities:


Analysis, understanding and compliance with regulations and legislation in force in the IT field.


Proposals for the evolution, reorganization and development of the IT infrastructure.


Supervision of IT projects.


Information on IT Assets:

Comparison of the software licenses purchased and installed (if the Customer has an IT asset management program, otherwise you can evaluate our service Asset Management).


Verification of deadline, coordination and renewal of support licenses.


Analysis of the hardware capabilities of the systems to estimate their compatibility with the Customer’s operational needs.


Verification of software alignment of all systems to company standards (for example: verify that all workstations have the latest operating system service packs applied).


The IT System Manager supports and coordinates, but does not replace the specialist and technical figures that Sedoc Digital Group makes available to its Customers, for example through the services of Data Center Infrastructure Management, Service Desk or Endpoint Security.


The SDG specialists who take care of the IT System Management service collaborate in synergy with the Operations Center for the continuous improvement of services provided to the Customer.


Service Availability

The meetings will be planned together with the Customer and will be carried out within the time frame from 8:30 am to 6:30 pm, from Monday to Friday, excluding holidays.



At the end of each meeting, a detailed summary of what emerged during the meeting will be provided to the Customer.



Maximize your IT infrastructure with the Sedoc Digital Group IT System Management service.


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