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Mobile Device Management

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Mobile Device Management

The Mobile Device Management service allows Customers to protect mobile devices from theft, loss, viruses, malware or malicious applications.

Mobile tools for professional use such as smartphones and tablets, both personal and business, are increasingly present in companies.

These devices are subject to cyber attacks as much as other electronic systems. Their protection is essential to ensure the integrity of the data they contain and their IT infrastructure.


Mobile Device Management


Mobile Device Management: Service Description

Mobile Device Management service from Sedoc Digital Group is based on the collaboration with Kaspersky Lab, world leader in Security Solutions. The SDG Service allows the management and security of mobile devices (Android e iOS).


It also allows users to provide a private area on their device in which to place business applications, giving the possibility to separate personal data from company data. In particular, thanks to the Mobile Device Management Service, it is possible to:


Tracing a device in case of theft or loss


Return a device to the factory settings (wipe)


Identify who stole a device (mug shot)


Encrypt data stored on the device


Prevent access to certain websites, either by direct URL or by categories


Install applications remotely


Configure the Wi-Fi network


Prevent tampering (jailbreak) of the device


Prevent the installation of unauthorized applications


Install an antivirus program on Android devices


Service availability

Operators are available to customers from 8.30am to 6.30pm continuously, from Monday to Friday, excluding public holidays. If necessary, these times can be extended up to a coverage 24/7.



In case of operational intervention, a report will be provided to the Customer with the following information inside:


Ticket identification code;

Name and surname of the user who opened the ticket;

Description of the problem;

Description of the intervention performed;

Date and time of opening of the ticket;

Date and time of closing the ticket.



Protect your mobile devices with the Mobile Device Management service from Sedoc Digital Group.


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