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Service Desk

The Service Desk aims to help Customers solve and prevent the daily problems that a user can have with the computer.

Service Desk


Service Desk: Service Description

The Service Desk service is divided into three contractual forms:






Service Desk Basic: provides the Customer with a SPOC service, Single Point Of Contact, which receives requests (tickets), qualifies them and records them in the call management program; after that he assigns these requests to the Customer’s IT staff, who will be able to access a reserved area to manage the tickets received.


Service Desk Pro: provides remote assistance to all employees who work on the workplaces on which the contract was activated. The assistance request can be reported by contacting the Sedoc Digital Group Help Center, where a specialized operator can support them 24/7.


Service Desk FSS (Full System Service): assistance is provided both remotely and on-site to all employees working on the workplaces on which the contract was activated, 24/7.



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The service also monitors the hardware resources of the stations, the distribution of Microsoft updates and the update of the main personal productivity programs.

In this way Clients can keep track of licenses to use the programs, if they are involved in Software Asset Management (SAM) processes.


Service Desk PRO and FSS service contracts can be combined with:


Data Center Infrastructure Management,

Endpoint Security,

 Print Management,

IT System Management,

Log Management.


Service Desk: Used Tools

The program we use for remote control and for the implementation of the hardware and software inventory of the workstations is Autotask Endpoint Management [Datto].

The program Autotask Endpoint Management is able to distribute software packages to all managed workstations. If the Customer wishes to install one or more programs at his work stations, he can then use the Autotask Endpoint Management program.



Service Desk: Report

At the end of each operative intervention, an intervention report will be provided to the Customer with the following information inside:


Ticket identification code;

Name and Surname of the user who opened the Ticket;

Description of the problem;

Intervention description;

Date and time of Ticket opening;

Date and time of Ticket closing.



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