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Sedoc Digital Group

Sedoc Digital Group s.r.l. headquartered in Reggio Emilia, was founded in 1973 with the aim of offering advice, IT services and products in the Information Technology sector. Since then, Sedoc Digital Group Ltd. changed its structure in line with developments in the market trying to offer a quality standard high level in service delivery, providing technology products and implementing software solutions in support of business enterprise customer. Currently Sedoc Digital Group has operational headquarters in Italy in Reggio Emilia and Lodi  

and abroad in Kiev, where has developed an importnat technology hub. With over one hundred and fifty highly skilled resources, our Group is able to meet the ICT needs of companies, from medium and small up to the largest enterprises in both the private and the public sector and to provide services in all the countries of EU area.  Sedoc Digital Group as Cloud & Managed Service Provider, propose itself on the European market as a single point of reference for all requests of its clients.






In the scenario created by the digital transformation it is necessary to adopt two different approaches: optimizing the overall management, maintenance and security of IT core systems, succeeding to innovate and to experiment with new technologies. In a world increasingly connected as the digital one, companies must be able to deal with new technologies, taking into account the limited resources and skills. 

How to do it? Relying on a partner who can help them to respond with agility to market changes, foster growth and at the same time reduce costs.

Sedoc Digital Group combines consultative services with continuous 24×7 support and management availing assistance and proactive monitoring and providing companies with continuous improvement, transformation and innovation through Managed Services.


“Thanks to our services you will be able to achieve a rapid reduction of infrastructure costs, more investment opportunities in other strategic areas, an increase in ROI, a resources optimization and an increase in productivity, achieving a better approach to innovation”.